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Amy Huegerich
Licensed Acupuncturist
Ph: 262-573-2190

I am a graduate of Midwest College of Oriental Medicine and Licensed in the State of Wisconsin to practice Acupuncture.  

Thank you for considering my professional services!  I have had success in treating many conditions that acupuncture is known to address like sciatica, frozen shoulder, back pain, headaches and also including some difficult and complicated scenarios including neurological challenges and multiple conventional diagnoses.


Acupuncture is very powerful and works on a deep level to achieve balance and allow your body, mind, spirit and emotions to balance and heal. 

In student clinic I had several success stories that were simply life-changing for the patient and also for me.   Designing those treatments was a challenging and wonderful time in my process of growth and brings me to today when I can help you and yours potentially achieve greater health and well-being. 

I would love to help you with any interests or concerns that acupuncture may be able to address so that we can co-create a scenario where you can improve and grow into new possibilities.  

With Gratitude! 


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